Japanese tea ceremony have spirituality, history and Japanese values

I would like to convey the charm of Japan through the culture of Japanese tea ceremony.

Because Japanese tea ceremony have spirituality, history and Japanese values.

The spirituality, culture and values of Japanese are based on the thought of caring for people and cherishing them.

Especially I want to tell them.

When I was tiny girl, I had experience with bullying.

So I was very interested in compassionating people.

I started a tea ceremony since I was 13 years old.

In the fact, my grandmother and my mother were doing a tea ceremony.

Therefore, now my grandmother and my mother take over the equipment of Japanese tea ceremony.

Even now, when I go to a tea ceremony party, we enjoy borrowing and borrowing mother and tea ceremony equipment.

The reason I started a tea ceremony was the club activity selection at junior high school.

Although it was a school with strict school regulations, only Japanese tea ceremony club can eat sweets when practicing after school.

So I decided. At first, it was from such a motive.

And teachers from Japanese tea ceremony section, seniors, juniors, friends, everyone accepted me very kindly.

Practice of Japanese tea ceremony club was difficult when practicing, practicing methods of practice many times and memorizing name of equipment.

However, after practicing, it was a story of history and knowledge about teacher 's tea ceremony why I was more fun than sweets.

For example, why did you decorate that flower in tea room on this day?

Why did you arrange tea ceremony equipment on this day?

The reason is not just because it is beautiful.

Because the reason is easy to use it is not.

In order to enjoy the season, decorate the flowers that match it.

We arrange all tea ceremony equipment according to theme of the season and entertain our guests.

It is not just drinking tea, it is thoroughly entertaining the five senses.

In Japanese tea ceremony, there is a heart to consider entertained and compassionate.

And, there is meaning in the manners.

In tea ceremony, when tea is served to customers, provide the opponent with the most beautiful side to see.

The meaning represents the meaning of respect for customer.

When drinking tea, the customer turns the most beautiful side of the bowl to the opponent.

The meaning represents humility meaning to the opponent.

In this way, I enjoy tea while expressing "respect" and "humility" with each other in the manners.

In the act of drinking tea ceremony tea ceremony, there is a spirit of " Japanese compassion mind" each other.

There is a heart of hospitality to enjoy the four seasons in Japanese tea ceremony, entertaining the other party.

Even in the act of drinking tea, it also includes delicacy that cherish your opponent.

Because this culture is rooted, Japanese behavior has kindness and kindness.

So, I would like to convey the charm of Japanese people and the charm of Japan through Japanese tea ceremony.

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