My thought to the tea ceremony

It was a child whose body was weak and one's play was good since childhood. He also repeated hospitalization and discharging, and going back to school for wards. What I was crazy about was drawing pictures and making something. I want to live only by my favorite things when I grow up, I thought that I went on to advance to an art college. I tried to enter the art university quietly, but it took me one big wall. That is WEB. Since this era, studying WEB design and SE was a graduation essential subject. I am not good at poor hands to various people, I cried and managed to clear the WEB subject and graduate. After that I proceeded to research at a graduate school not related to WEB. When you get a job! In the place where I fought hard and managed somehow as a regular full-time employee is a company of IT venture company, WEB marketing company. Anyway, I learned about WEB marketing for about 3 months and I belonged to a web designer. I still thank you for learning a lot from there. But when I went to the office my boss kept sleeping on the floor as it was yesterday's clothes, or since I first entered it, I was being told that "I will quit in about a year". I thought that I could not see my future image even though I was here, and my mind and body became tattered.







A cup of tea ceremony and green tea cured my heart. The tea ceremony began with a first year student in junior high school, and in the school days he had a tea ceremony at a share house with friends, invited overseas couple, and held a ceremonial point of tea ceremony for celebrations. When I got a job, I became busy, and there was Matcha to remind me of something when I could not afford it. The busyness that leads to the heart, the feeling that is similar to the despair that the future image can not be seen, the green tea as if wrapping them warmly. "I want to work at my own pace someday with tea ceremony 's powdered green tea" I began to think so. There is only one life. And I choose only one. If so, I want to progress my life at my own pace. Together with the tea ceremony. Why do not you start using casual tea ceremony as you are?






茶道初心者が楽しむカジュアル茶道:Japanese tea ceremony beginners casually enjoy with 5 items

茶道初心者が楽しむカジュアル茶道:Casual tea ceremony is made easy Japanese tea ceremony for beginners enjoy.Japanese tea ceremony is called Sado,Chanoyu, Chanomichi or simply Ocha in Japanese.