Effect of matcha ,tea ceremony


Matcha of the tea ceremony is very abundant in dietary fiber and it is said that the antioxidant action of catechin contained in matcha is very good for the skin ^ ^ In addition, catechin also has the effect of preventing influenza infection, prevention of tooth decay, suppressing allergic symptoms! 



In addition, the ingredient called tannin, which is said to delay aging, prevent body oxidation, is very much in Matcha. For example, for tea 1 mg, and coffee 2.5 mg, Matcha is 100 mg! It is! If you drink without leaving powder, you can ingest it without waste. Besides, relaxation effect which relieves tension by giving alpha wave to the ingredient called "theanine" which is umami component, calming excitement. For women, vitamin C which I want to take particularly aggressive is 4 to 7 times as much as the oranges, and there is also the power to create strength against stress.





By taking moderate caffeine, I will improve my tiredness and if I take theanine contained in Matcha, the quality of sleep will go up! Abundant vitamins, catechins, flavonoids also have a bad breath prevention effect. Catechin has the function of burning subcutaneous fat and built-in fat, tannin which is astringent ingredient suppresses absorption of fat and works as an enzyme which decomposes fat, so it is also ideal for diet! There are still many effects and efficacy of Matcha.





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