Three effects that the tea ceremony brings


1 Method of tea ceremony, you can concentrate on one thing by popping tea, the idea disappears and you can create a state like "meditation" The way of tea ceremony and tea ceremony is largely decided. Especially when you are teaing tea, keep it quiet and you can focus on that. By doing this, you can escape once from the negative loop of the mind, "heart troubled", "I am ashamed" "I can not have heart".

1 茶道の作法、お茶を点てることで1つのことに集中でき、雑念が消えてまるで「瞑想」のような状態を作り出すことができる



2 By doing a tea ceremony, five senses such as a book, flower, incense, etc. are sharpened and the daily lives become rich The flower, sweets, and tools are decided on influenced by the four seasons of the tea ceremony. One thing, one meaning is put in deep meaning, so you can notice a small discovery. By doing so, you can enrich your daily life yourself by having yourself decorate flowers and create a comfortable space.

2 茶道をしていくことで、書や花、香など五感が研ぎすまされて日々の生活が豊かになる



3 Through the tea ceremony, I will acquire a mind to care for both myself and others Basically, the mind of "hospitality" is the basis of the tea ceremony. However, it includes "to face yourself" and "to face your opponent." Through the tea ceremony, it is useful for both private life and work, by having a heart that naturally acquires "heart hospitality", "treating" carefully, treating it carefully.

3 茶道を通して、自分も相手も大切に想う心が身に付く



How is it? Through the tea ceremony, it is packed that it is so useful in everyday life


茶道初心者が楽しむカジュアル茶道:Japanese tea ceremony beginners casually enjoy with 5 items

茶道初心者が楽しむカジュアル茶道:Casual tea ceremony is made easy Japanese tea ceremony for beginners enjoy.Japanese tea ceremony is called Sado,Chanoyu, Chanomichi or simply Ocha in Japanese.