"I am a beginner but I'd like to do a tea ceremony someday." "I never tried a tea ceremony but I want to know a tea ceremony someday." "I can casually make a tea ceremony as a hospitality by myself as one of the communication to foreigners." Do you want to become like? "

Your dream will come true and you will be able to enjoy the casual tea ceremony that beginners can enjoy in 5 minutes.



When you play a casual tea ceremony

· Because we can constantly be aware of respect for respect in the tea ceremony, humility and gratitude, our relationships can also be smooth!

· By becoming accustomed to enjoying easily, we will be able to challenge other things that I thought were hurd up to now!

· There is also an effect to calm your mind in Matcha, so you can relax stress from everyday without margin!

· Since there is nothing to fit in the conventional type, it will be out of concept such as "Absolutely doing this!", It will be able to respond flexibly to other things!

· Even those who have hesitated to "I want to do a tea ceremony but the threshold is high" until now, can easily make a dream come true!







As for the tea ceremony, you may have to sit down or have to be kimono, and you may think that "it seems to be difficult", "it does not feel easy" and "the threshold is high."

However, the casual tea ceremony can be done in 15 minutes, using chairs and tables, with only 5 items (pots, green tea, spoons, tea cups, tea cereals) using what is in the house.

Why do not you wish you could easily do such a casual tea ceremony at home?

"I am interested in the tea ceremony, but where is it good for the first time?"

"I want to try a tea ceremony myself more easily!"

"Casual tea ceremony is quite interesting!"

We will respond to your request.

Of course beginners are welcome! It is!









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