Recently, I have wanted to do a tea ceremony, I have never done it, but I got interested in getting a lot of voices

In fact, the question that I receive the most in consultation is actually 'tea ceremony'.

"Department stores etc are far away by region, so we can not buy them easily on our own"

"Because I get lost when I enter a shop, I do not know what to do"

"I want to give presents, but they do not know well with each other as a beginner"


I will introduce the tools of the tea ceremony that I recommend here, receiving your voice.

Since it is possible to purchase on the net, I think that you can get it anywhere in the country basically. It will be a great success both in the lesson and also in the tea ceremony and the tea ceremony! It is!









1 For students and women in their 20s

1 学生さんや20代の女性向け

Because it is with old fashioned saw, it can correspond also to the practice of the tea ceremony 

With a pretty design, the girls power also pounding up! It is! Should do


2 30s, for 40s women

2 アラサー、アラフォーのおとな女性向け

Indeed, it is a set of 5 for "adult girls". Since the fabric is either red or vermillion, please choose your favorite thing


3 For students and men in their 20s

3 学生さんや20代の男性向け

It is cool for men so cool It is cool

It is also a nice point to choose either! It is!


4 30s,fohe men of the Alaphor

4 アラサー、アラフォーの男性向け

A man who can do a tea ceremony is dignified and its instrument is large, reminiscent of a calm image. It is a set that suits the image!


1 Tea ceremony which can be done at home for beginners

1 初心者のためのお家でできる茶道具

This is a set of seven points! With this, you can quickly make a cup of tea!

It is what matched to the present day where storage is possible in case! It is very convenient for carrying and moving suddenly!


2 Tea ceremony to match green tea, redress

2 お抹茶を点てる茶筅、くせ直し

Tea ceremony is a tool to match green tea.

However, tea ceremony is very delicate, and in Kyoto it refers to tea ceremony every month and supplies old tea ceremonies.

It is not something to use all the time, but even indirectly it is in the mouth, so we recommend domestic production




How is it?

I think that it is easy to start if it is set according to each

Moreover, if you arrange it once, basically there is not much to buy a tool again frequently.

It should be a great success both in lesson and in tea ceremony as well as in tea ceremony! It is!