Hello, I'm Mika Fukushima.

The tea ceremony began at the age of thirteen.

My mother and  my grandmother also played a tea ceremony.

I am taking over the tools of their tea ceremony.

Since I was a student, I asked a friend "I want to feel more familiar with the tea ceremony! I want you to do such a casual tea ceremony" at the request of a tea ceremony of a dual tea ceremony at a share house together with a friend at the request, We invited a lot of experiences to showcase the point of the tea ceremony.

Currently, we do a tea ceremony as "casual tea ceremony", and we also write a column at the request of the company.

● Even the first person taught me easily the meaning of the method such as "Why do you drink the tea bowl twice and why?" Lecture to tea easily with the house.

● Mika's casual tea ceremony tea ceremony has interesting work such as "I can do it for the first time! Hanging out a tea ceremony 1 minute exercise"

It was a fun way to enjoy the tea ceremony, with tea on each other and drinking.

● Thanks to Ms Mika, I thought that I should try to do the tea ceremony properly, and it seemed like I could take advantage of my mother 's tea ceremony, so I was very happy.

I have many comments, such as.

Currently, we are writing as a tea ceremony guide at allabout Co., Ltd., and we are also acting as introducing the book of tea ceremony as Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., a MEETTY official curator.

Enjoy usual daily life through the tea ceremony more fun and rich! I am telling you with such a thought.

Thank you very much.











現在、株式会社allaboutで茶道ガイドとして執筆中であり、大日本印刷株式会社、MEETTY公認キュレーター として茶道の本をご紹介したりと活動もしております。