What I want to tell 私がお伝えしたいこと

When I hear "Tea ceremony", I think that there are also many people who hold an image that "it seems to be hard", "it looks difficult", "the threshold is high".

I also said that before I started. However, it is surprising when you jump in for a texture that "It seems you can eat delicious sweets". Even if I was a child, I came into the world of the tea ceremony soon.

Even if I start from the age of tea ceremony, I will be able to open a tea ceremony by myself. Practice is necessary, but the spirit of Waka obtained through the tea ceremony, the sensibility to be polished by the general art of space spreads my world to the global.

We will tell you the know-how that closely follows to the way from the first step to the far way to enjoy the tea ceremony while enjoying with the way of life.





My Activity 活動

In the tea ceremony, we will arrange tools every time to match the theme and season of the tea ceremony (the four seasons) and the world view.

The problem at that time is that "we need to prepare new tools each time and arrange them."

In the tea ceremony, it is sometimes called substitution, even if it is not originally a formal tea ceremony tool.

However, I thought that I could enjoy "transformation" so as to make it "dress up" more easily.

Therefore, what we invented is "to dress up a tea ceremony".

With this idea, as women choose clothes according to their moods, tea ceremonies can be easily catered according to their theme and world view.

"Tea ceremony Kisekae" was announced in February 2017 by Mika Fukushima.










I'm telling Japanese tea ceremony for beginners so that it is easy to understand.And Japanese tea ceremony tool's designer.new ideas/in Tokyo



My dream 私の夢

1 I want to make a sum of people and people through the tea ceremony Through "drinking tea", I would like to continuously support people and people to connect and spread the sum of people.

And I think that it would be nice if various people enrich their daily lives through the tea ceremony and every day becomes fun.

2 I want to spread mind treating myself and other people through the tea ceremony When I say tea ceremony, I think that training and practice seems to be rigorous and trainable, but fundamentally it is based on "to face ourselves" and "to have compassionate to others".

I would like to tell you that as "awareness of yourself" and "having compassionate to others" in the spirituality of the tea ceremony spread more as awareness.

3 Even overseas casual, I want to make a tea ceremony by myself even after returning home The tea ceremony is also popular for overseas people.

In the past I was very pleased that I had a chance to organize a tea ceremony ceremony for those who came from abroad and made a point. So, I would like to provide support to overseas people so that they can feel free to visit the tea ceremony.

1 茶道を通して、人と人との和をつくっていきたい



2 茶道を通して、自分自身や相手を大切にする心を広めていきたい



3 海外の方もカジュアルに、帰国しても自分で茶道ができるようにしたい